Costume Designer


About Matea Pasaric, Costume Designer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Matea Pasarić is a Costume Designer born and raised in Rijeka, Croatia. She relocated to Vancouver, Canada in 2014. where she continues her creative practice.

She has earned an MA in Applied arts at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia and her MA in Costume Design at the University of Textile Technology in Zagreb, Croatia.

Prior to profiling herself as a Costume Designer Matea explored various artistic mediums and has exhibited Site Specific Installations, Prints, Video Performances, Dance Performances and Art Performances in galleries and spaces in Europe and Japan.

Working in a variety of positions within the Costume Department in Theatre, Video, Commercials, Film and Television has given Matea a wide range of skills allowing her to execute any project to its utmost potential.

Matea's passion for innovation, dedication, constant enthusiasm for her work and a strong work ethic has helped her in creating a unique, authentic and imaginative body of work.

Photo by: Nick Thiessen